Automated Hospitality Experiences

Set an alarm to wake up to a simulated sunrise, curtains opening and music playing.
HQ’s one tap Experiences change the entire look and feel of a room instantly.
Manual room controls available if guests want to customize experiences further.

A Welcome Like No Other

Wow guests from the moment they enter their room with automated lights, a personalized message and their preferred room temperature. We will even play their favourite music and accent the room with their favourite colours.

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Instant Mood Setting

Use colour to enhance the guest’s entire experience. Wake to a vibrant sunrise at any time of the day, or even paint the room red for that special someone.

No Cameras or Microphones

We believe your guests deserve and expect privacy in their rooms. Our automated experiences do no not use voice commands or facial recognition.

Awe-inspiring Automations

One of the many HQ Milestone Experiences™ automagically illuminates a dim path to the washroom in the middle of the night — preventing your guests from fumbling for switches.

No Apps to Download

An in-room tablet is pre-loaded with the user-friendly HQ control application. This allows your guests to set alarms, manually adjust the devices, or even check-out of their room.

Consumer Product Support

A wide range of consumer brands are supported to keep your options open and affordable. No major renovations are required to install an HQ automation system. Some of our integrations include:

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